richard poet

The Things That Are Important To Us


Gary and his new girlfriend, Claire, are visiting Gary's ex-wife, Julie, and her partner for dinner. Gary and Julie have a young son together and congratulate themselves on behaving like adults and putting Adam first. But as the canap├ęs are served, the cracks appear in this civilised party and the champagne saucer is not the only thing that looks set to be smashed.

production company: Little Viking | director: Mr & Mrs Poet



A 50th birthday gathering goes horribly wrong when the hostess serves her sister and their husbands deadly wild mushrooms. A year on, three out of four of them are on dialysis and the family seems broken. Spores is a darkly comic family drama exploring the things that poison us against each other.

production company: Little Viking & The Copydesk | director: Mr & Mrs Poet