Firestarter | buy now

Firestarter is an edgy and raw thriller from award-winning author Catherine Forde.Keith's new next-door neighbour Reece is strange and obsessed with fire. Reeesss who pronounces his name like gas leaking. Reece who makes three-year-old Annie laugh. Then burns her favourite rag doll. Keith knows he should ignore Reece but Reece is like smoke: he pervades every aspect of Keith's life. One night Keith wakes up choking on thick black smoke...

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Slippy | buy now

US version of Exit Oz

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Let's Do It! | buy now

Mel, Alan and Ben love filming their crazy stunts and putting them up on YouTube. But they want to go further, and get one of their stunts on the cool TV show Cray-Zee Stunts. All they need is a decent camera ... So they come up with their best stunt ever so that they can use one belonging to the school. Will they be able to pull it off and have their stunt shown on national TV? Crazy comedy.

Reading Age: 8 Interest Age: 14+ years

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Fifteen Minute Bob | reviews | buy now

Rory's dad is a struggling singer-songwriter and obsessed by one particular music legend. Despite years of failure, his music is all that matters - nothing else: not job, not money, not even family.

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Sugarcoated | reviews | buy now

When Cloddy witnesses a horrific attack outside her dad's shop, neither the victim nor the attackers see her. Afraid for her life, she decides not to tell anyone. And why should she, when she's got her mysterious new boyfriend to keep her happy.

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Tug Of War | reviews | buy now

In 2012 The Emergency begins as terrorist bombs shatter cities around the UK. Molly's parents decide to send her and her brother John away from Glasgow to safety in the countryside. Molly is sent to Paradise Farm to be looked after by Pernilla, who gives her everything she desires, and soon she forgets about her old life.

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L-L-L-Loser | reviews | buy now

16 year old John Blue likes music and girls, in that order. He dislikes 'The Two Cheeses', 'Danish Blue' and 'Dairy Lee'. 'The Two Cheeses', Dane and Lee like 'Star Wars' and making John's life a misery, in that order. They dislike washing, clean underpants and having a life.

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I See You Baby (with Kevin Brooks) | buy now

When Sally and Keith meet at a rock festival, there is a strong mutual attraction - but what will happen when Keith finds out that Sally isn't a famous stylist and Sally finds out that Keith isn't the lead singer of one of the bands playing at the festival?

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The Drowning Pond | buy now

You're the least popular girl at school, and the glossy friends who were briefly interested are bored. And you'll do anything to keep them. Nicky finds picking on the new girl easy: everyone thinks she's weird anyway. But when does 'weird' become 'witchy'?

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Skarrs | buy now

Granpa Dan has just died. But, apart from the smell from his room and the banging of his stick, Danny has noticed that something else is missing too. It is only then that Danny realizes that he is wasting his life and that things must change if he is to avoid being dragged down by Jakey's gang.

AWARDS: Scottish Arts Council Award

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Exit Oz | buy now

Meet Dec's family: his brother Gabe, a devoted Goth; their pet snake Oz, who lives on baby mice; and their mum, who hates everything about the snake, especially the baby mice. When Oz escapes, the whole family are enlisted to find him.

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Fat Boy Swim | buy now

Fat Jimmy is bullied for his size and inability to perform at sport. But he has inner strengths. One is his secret gift for cooking and the other he discovers when he learns to swim. He is not just a good swimmer, he is phenomenal!

AWARDS: Grampian Book Award

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