The Drowning Pond

"The Drowning Pond" is a gritty, fast-paced thriller from award-winning author Catherine Forde. Joe Douglas is directing the production with Music Director, M.J McCarthy of indie band Zoe Van Goey.

Nicky's the least popular girl in school, and the glossy friends who were briefly interested in her are bored. She'll do anything to keep them. Nicky can get back in with the it crowd by picking on Loopy Loner Lizzie. Hallowe'en at the Drowning Pond is about to become pure evil. play video

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Supply | reviews

Lunchtime theatre comedy for Glasgow's Play, Pie Pint at Oran Mor

Davy Small has prepared an inspirational lesson on haiku for his very first class as a newly qualified teacher. However the young ladies from S4 Foundation who turn up to find a Supply teacher for English have their own ideas on what they want to learn from Mr Small. And it isn’t poetry.

Featuring Gareth Glen, Clare Gray and Katie Barnett.

(c) Oran Mor


Chamber of Nothing | reviews | buy now

Multi-cast play for schools

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The Sunday Lesson | reviews

Frankie – so laid back he’s horizontal - doesn’t have much to say to his dad these days, and his dad probably doesn’t have the ideal temperament – or constitution – to be his Driving Instructor. But weekly Sunday Lessons force father and son to reconnect on an emotional and hilarious rollercoaster of a journey.

(c) Òran Mór


Empty | reviews | buy now

"Here’s to Col’s numpty maw and paw for leaving him home alone and expecting everything to stay the way it was. Suckas!"

When you’re only sixteen, could the events of one night really shape the course of your life?

Divert you from becoming the man you might have become, stunt you, burden you, trap you, destroy you, change the very core of you?

Leave you empty.

Cathy Forde is a leading Scottish novelist (Fat Boy Swim, Skarrs) and this is her first play. It’s fast, furious, and like a piece of music, grows and swells to a mind-altering crescendo.

(c) National Theatre of Scotland